2010 Ballhawking Plans

I am planning on becoming a rookie ballhawk in the 2010 baseball season. I hope to be attending many major league baseball games throughout the 2010 season. I am buying gear for the upcoming season which would help me with my ballhawking adventures. The MLB schedules have been announced in mid September and I have already started to plan visits too many games and to new stadiums I have never been to. My goal for my rookie season is to attend 20 games, collect 50 balls, get a few autographs, and get a game used ball. I will be updating this blog throughout the winter season as I prepare for the 2010 season! I have never went to a baseball looking to snag baseballs but I hope that changes in 2010!


Other Info:

I usually comment on other ballhawk entries as “accumulatingbaseballs” and could be found on http://www.mygameballs.com/home as “PAHawk”. Also can find me at MLB Ballparks trying to snag balls!